Peptides: Hello Muscles, Good Bye Health?

Everyone who is anyone in the bodybuilding world uses or has at least heard about peptides, since they are the ultimate muscle growth supplement. Peptides are little components of complex proteins. So when ingested, our bodies can use them to make the proteins it needs. It makes sense, because the protein that we get from eating food such as meat is first broken down into its components before being digested anyway so why not ingest peptides to begin with. Especially for body builders who need more than average amount of protein and eating that many complex proteins can be a great burden on the body’s digestive system and may also cause bloating, taking peptides is a perfect solution. Right? Wrong!!


According to research and personal experiences of people who have used peptide supplements, they can have quite some nasty side effects. Listed below are some of the side effects as found by research or personal experience.
hello-muscles1 Water retention
• Increased hunger
• Dry mouth
• Numbness in toes and fingers
• Increased hair growth
• Fatigue
• Kidney pain
• Liver problems
• Arthritis
• Sterility (loss of fertility)
• Headaches
• Nausea
• Abnormal weight gain/loss
Woah! That is a huge list of potential side effects that you may experience from taking peptide supplements. I am pretty sure that some of you have already crossed your hearts and taken oaths about never even thinking about taking research peptides on to your horses and let us talk about why these side effects occur and whether they are something to be worried about.

Science of Peptides

First of all, let us talk about the biochemistry behind the peptides. As I mentioned above, peptides are small components of protein. The basic unit of protein is an amino acid, and a peptide is a group of one or more amino acids. Now consider this, if your body needs, let us say 100 grams of amino acids per day, and yet you are consuming 200 grams of amino acids daily. Where do the extra hundred grams go? Our body cannot store amino acids, so they are transported to the liver. The liver carries out the deamination process, which you can think of as a treatment process whereby you remove the recyclable materials from the trash and throw the rest out.

Similarly, liver carries out deamination, and the products are transported to the kidney, which filters them out and sends for excretion. Now, what did we learn from this boring bio mumbo jumbo? In case you did not get it, extra peptides increase the workload of the liver and kidneys, which is not good for either of them. Thus by taking extra supplements, you are not doing yourself any favors. In fact, more peptides you take, greater the chance of a side effect occurring. Therefore, by all means, take peptides and build up that dream physique that you want, and chicks drool over but be careful, responsible, and above all, patient. With peptides, as with cologne, less is more.

Exposing The Truth – Which Peptides Should Be Used For Bodybuilding

What Are Peptides?

bodybuilding1Short chain monomers or amino acids that are linked together with the help of a peptide bond make up peptides. The body uses these short chains of amino acidstopulsate or secrete the growth hormone which is present in the body already. If anybody is unable to utilize the synthetic HGH (human growth hormone) naturally, then peptide will provide him with a better option.

The peptides can even be a safer substitute for the people who are looking for growth hormones to lose fat, gain recovery or for theanti-aging purpose. In the market, we can find a huge variety of peptides and every month; we see a new type popping out.

Main Peptide Groups For Bodybuilding

The TRT and HRT industry spread a myth that growth hormone production is stopped in adults. However, when you get old, the pulse or activation of growth hormone is harder as it was when you were young. There are two major peptide groupsfor bodybuilding, GHRH, and GHRP as mentioned below:

Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones (GHRH)

The GHRH is used by the body to secrete a small growth hormone’s amount. The secreting time can be short or long depending upon the peptide. You have to keep this thing in mind that a saturation dose is there with most peptides which are usually 100 mcg at a time. This implies that the growth hormone release will not be increased by going beyond saturation dose.

Significance of saturation dose

Different experienced users of peptides have indicated higher amounts of saturation doses. However, it depends on how much pure the peptide is. The saturation dose may also vary from person to person. The nature of peptides has caused its available information to be more anecdotal rather than based on science. It is important to know the saturation dose of a peptide so that you might not waste the peptide by going beyond the limit.

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides (GHRP)

The GHRP are more efficient than GHRH in facilitating greater pulse of growth hormone. GHRH aims to help the body in secreting more growth hormone. Whereas, the target of GHRP is pituitary gland and to pulse the secreted growth hormones.

Difference Between Taking The Two

Now, if you take GHRP, you will have a sudden burst of growth hormones, as GHRP will aim to target a pulse.

However, upon taking GHRH, you will have to time that when the body will have its own pulse so that you can get most out of running them. Thus, you have to use GHRH at the right time, unless they will be of no use.

The Peptide Injections

Usually, the peptide administration is eithersubcutaneous or intramuscular. The peptide is like a fine and delicate white powder that needs to be reformed with the saline of medical grade or bacteriostatic water. To see the dose, you must use an insulin syringe. If you are targeting the muscles, then you have to look for such a place where there is a lean layer of fat and skin. You must not mix two peptides in the same syringe.

Which Peptides To Use?

It entirely depends on the personal usage and experience. Peptides will surely yield a different outcome for everyone, whether you want to gain anedge in sport, are into bodybuilding, want anti-aging effects or are just looking for wellness and health.

Significance of Peptides in Bodybuilding and Sports

These days, peptides have been introduced in the fitness industry as powerful muscle growth supplements. Peptides have been found to be helpful in increasing the muscle mass. If used for sport by athletes, peptides will have a significant effect on the muscle mass and will help the athlete to recover his energy too when the athlete is exposed to any muscle energy. This is because of the ability of peptides to heal the damaged muscle fibers fast. This way, the athlete canreturn to his sport.

Bodybuilders Prefer Peptides


When the bodybuilder needs muscle mass, and he is about to begin a new season, the peptides are extremely helpful in building the muscle mass quickly. Thus, in this way, the athlete will gain more muscle mass and will have a very less proportion of body fat. Bodybuilders prefer using peptides rather than the steroids. Bodybuilders are of the view that the traditional method of building mass by using steroids involves many unpleasant and harsh side effects which are harmful to their health. Hence, they use a better alternative to it that is peptides which significantly have almost no side effects. By using steroids, the athletes and bodybuilders have faced a lot of contraindications.

Using Peptides in Sport

In a competitive sport, the use of peptides has been banned. However, the usage of peptides cannot be prevented as it is a really difficult task to identify the presence of peptides in the body. Trying to identify the presence of peptides in thebody through urine test alone doesn’t work and taking blood test will be slow and expensive. Up to date, ablood test is the only way which can identify the usage of peptides in the body.

Peptides Are Repairing Muscles or Helping Bodybuilding

There are a lot of scientists all around the world who are of the view that many concrete pieces of evidence are there that prove the effect of peptides in repairing the muscle fibers. A lot of dedicated athletes are there who have been employing peptides in their bodybuilding practices for the past many years. They have reported impressive results by the usage of peptide bodybuilding formulas.
If the muscles are damaged or ripped, then repairing them will take a lot of time in a natural manner. However, if used peptides, then the athletes are found to have their muscle mass repaired to 100% original condition in a rapid time.

Where to Purchase Peptides Bodybuilding Products?

Different online bodybuilding sites are a great source of peptides bodybuilding products. See the ingredients and choose the correct type of peptide product for you. There is a wide range of peptide products to choose from, and you should know about the product you are going to buy. There are different categories of peptides, and you must first know what type of peptide you need. Go for it and use it to get immediate results in bodybuilding for gaining muscle mass and if you are an athlete, then you can use the peptides to get immediate recovery for the rigged muscles.

Get the Most Out Of the Use of Peptides

The muscle building effects of growth hormones (GH) are exhibited only after they convert toInsulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). Now, due to this, peptides use IGF-1 as their primary and ideal choice for the purpose of muscle building. And the LR3 version of IGF-1 is even more preferable owing to its extended half-life due to which it can remain active in the muscle for a much longer time.So that the stimulatory effects of muscle building can be completed.

Similarly, if IGF-1is injected after a workout, then the IGF-1 variant IGF-1e(mechano growth factor or MGF) will cause multiplication of the muscle cells and will also contribute to the development of muscles. Thus, any peptide that will increase the growth hormones in the body will lead to an increase in the lean muscle mass.

What Diet to Follow When Using Peptides

The most anabolic hormonein the body is called insulin and for the bodybuilding effect of growth hormone, the presence of insulin is a must. The GHRH and GHRP need time to stimulate the body to release growth hormone from pituitary gland.

Guidelines to follow

If you want to get the most out of your peptides for increasing muscle mass, the following guidelines must be followed

  • use-of-peptides1You must avoid eating or drinking any food that is high in fats for at least 3 hours before you inject the GHRP or GHRH product on their own. Also, anything high in carbohydrates must also not be taken 2 hours before This means you have to take the injection on an empty stomach.
  • If you are taking the GHRH and GHRP injection together, then studies suggest that the growth hormones will return to their maximum strength in a 60 minutes after the meal. Thus, the users will be more flexible with the timings of their meal.
  • Whether you are injecting the peptides of growth hormones alone or are injecting them with others, you have to wait for minimum 20 minutes before you can consume anything else. After the passage of 20 minutes, you must consume a high protein or high carb food, but at night time, only proteins should be consumed as they are enough to spike the insulin.

Muscle Building Injection Routinesfor Intermediate Peptides Users

  • You can take GHRH and GHRP twice a day.
  • Inject both the peptides together in the same injection. You must ensure that 1 hour before the injection, you haven’t consumed any beverage or food.
  • After the injection, ingest protein or a high carb meal to spike the insulin.
  • You can do the weight training after that.
  • The second injection of GHRP + GHRH can be taken at least 1 hour after taking dinner and after the second injection, consume a high carb or protein meal.

Muscle Building Routines for Advanced Peptides Users

The injection that the advanced users can take is GHRP + GHRH + IGF-1. Follow the same routine as it is for the intermediate peptide users. Make sure that a fat layer does not cover the muscle where you are injecting. The best choice is, therefore, injecting in the biceps.