Get the Most Out Of the Use of Peptides

The muscle building effects of growth hormones (GH) are exhibited only after they convert toInsulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). Now, due to this, peptides use IGF-1 as their primary and ideal choice for the purpose of muscle building. And the LR3 version of IGF-1 is even more preferable owing to its extended half-life due to which it can remain active in the muscle for a much longer time.So that the stimulatory effects of muscle building can be completed.

Similarly, if IGF-1is injected after a workout, then the IGF-1 variant IGF-1e(mechano growth factor or MGF) will cause multiplication of the muscle cells and will also contribute to the development of muscles. Thus, any peptide that will increase the growth hormones in the body will lead to an increase in the lean muscle mass.

What Diet to Follow When Using Peptides

The most anabolic hormonein the body is called insulin and for the bodybuilding effect of growth hormone, the presence of insulin is a must. The GHRH and GHRP need time to stimulate the body to release growth hormone from pituitary gland.

Guidelines to follow

If you want to get the most out of your peptides for increasing muscle mass, the following guidelines must be followed

  • use-of-peptides1You must avoid eating or drinking any food that is high in fats for at least 3 hours before you inject the GHRP or GHRH product on their own. Also, anything high in carbohydrates must also not be taken 2 hours before This means you have to take the injection on an empty stomach.
  • If you are taking the GHRH and GHRP injection together, then studies suggest that the growth hormones will return to their maximum strength in a 60 minutes after the meal. Thus, the users will be more flexible with the timings of their meal.
  • Whether you are injecting the peptides of growth hormones alone or are injecting them with others, you have to wait for minimum 20 minutes before you can consume anything else. After the passage of 20 minutes, you must consume a high protein or high carb food, but at night time, only proteins should be consumed as they are enough to spike the insulin.

Muscle Building Injection Routinesfor Intermediate Peptides Users

  • You can take GHRH and GHRP twice a day.
  • Inject both the peptides together in the same injection. You must ensure that 1 hour before the injection, you haven’t consumed any beverage or food.
  • After the injection, ingest protein or a high carb meal to spike the insulin.
  • You can do the weight training after that.
  • The second injection of GHRP + GHRH can be taken at least 1 hour after taking dinner and after the second injection, consume a high carb or protein meal.

Muscle Building Routines for Advanced Peptides Users

The injection that the advanced users can take is GHRP + GHRH + IGF-1. Follow the same routine as it is for the intermediate peptide users. Make sure that a fat layer does not cover the muscle where you are injecting. The best choice is, therefore, injecting in the biceps.