Peptides: Hello Muscles, Good Bye Health?

Everyone who is anyone in the bodybuilding world uses or has at least heard about peptides, since they are the ultimate muscle growth supplement. Peptides are little components of complex proteins. So when ingested, our bodies can use them to make the proteins it needs. It makes sense, because the protein that we get from eating food such as meat is first broken down into its components before being digested anyway so why not ingest peptides to begin with. Especially for body builders who need more than average amount of protein and eating that many complex proteins can be a great burden on the body’s digestive system and may also cause bloating, taking peptides is a perfect solution. Right? Wrong!!


According to research and personal experiences of people who have used peptide supplements, they can have quite some nasty side effects. Listed below are some of the side effects as found by research or personal experience.
hello-muscles1 Water retention
• Increased hunger
• Dry mouth
• Numbness in toes and fingers
• Increased hair growth
• Fatigue
• Kidney pain
• Liver problems
• Arthritis
• Sterility (loss of fertility)
• Headaches
• Nausea
• Abnormal weight gain/loss
Woah! That is a huge list of potential side effects that you may experience from taking peptide supplements. I am pretty sure that some of you have already crossed your hearts and taken oaths about never even thinking about taking research peptides on to your horses and let us talk about why these side effects occur and whether they are something to be worried about.

Science of Peptides

First of all, let us talk about the biochemistry behind the peptides. As I mentioned above, peptides are small components of protein. The basic unit of protein is an amino acid, and a peptide is a group of one or more amino acids. Now consider this, if your body needs, let us say 100 grams of amino acids per day, and yet you are consuming 200 grams of amino acids daily. Where do the extra hundred grams go? Our body cannot store amino acids, so they are transported to the liver. The liver carries out the deamination process, which you can think of as a treatment process whereby you remove the recyclable materials from the trash and throw the rest out.

Similarly, liver carries out deamination, and the products are transported to the kidney, which filters them out and sends for excretion. Now, what did we learn from this boring bio mumbo jumbo? In case you did not get it, extra peptides increase the workload of the liver and kidneys, which is not good for either of them. Thus by taking extra supplements, you are not doing yourself any favors. In fact, more peptides you take, greater the chance of a side effect occurring. Therefore, by all means, take peptides and build up that dream physique that you want, and chicks drool over but be careful, responsible, and above all, patient. With peptides, as with cologne, less is more.